My work as a voice artist began in 2002 as an offshoot of a translation project for a documentary film for television. The studio that contracted me noticed the theatre references in my resume, asked me to audition for a voiceover. They hired me and I went about building up resources and a clientele.

Voice and Text

I do voiceovers for industry films, image films, movies, and computer games. I also work as a moderator/translator for cultural events. I offer "one-stop shopping" in that I often translate or edit the text that I speak. I can either work for you in your studio, or I can record in a studio in Wiesbaden and send you your voice data via internet.

Online Recording

With Audio Works Recording Studios in Wiesbaden, www.audioworks.de, I can record with you online, using their Centauri 3001 ISDN APTX Music Taxi.

Europe's leading voice agency
Europe's leading voice agency